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Trip details & price

Day or night, on one of many choices of lakes or rivers in Northern Indiana.

All equipment provided. All you will need is an Indiana fishing license.

2 People $350

3 people $400 

4 people $450 

5 people $500 

6 people $550 


Call or text to book 260-413-3250


Gills N Bills' now has 15 record book fish recognized by the Bowfishing Association of America, Record fish have come out of lakes in Indiana and Michigan.

  Bowfishing adventures will be on a 20 foot flat bottom boat with a 7 x 11 deck on the front.

This boat has all LED lights and runs generator free.This mean you can talk and have a great time with out having to talk over the generator or disturb others on the lake.

I will also provide you with several options in bows. I have bows from 18 to 50 Lbs draw, to include a left handed ones.

There are over 80 lakes and 5 rivers to choose from.

You will be going after Carp, Gar, Bowfin, shad and many varieties of suckers. 

Ask about going to Michigan for catfish

Call to book your trip. 260-413-3250

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