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Some photos of different veterans Gills N Bills has helped experience something new and meet fellow veterans from around the country.

Purple Heart, Disabled and Combat Veteran Hunts

The owner of Gills N Bills served for 30 years in the military and has a paralyzed son. He knows first hand how difficult it can be to get the opportunities or equipment to enjoy the outdoor world. This is how he makes it happen for those who can not on their own.

Every year Jason will give away some of his hunts or hunting equipment to help raise money to take disabled veterans to experience new hunts or new locations.

Previous veteran hunts have included, waterfowl, bowfishing, hogs, sandhill cranes, whitetail deer and upland game.  In several states to include, Indiana, North Dakota, Texas, Michigan and Oklahoma 

Previous hunt give away have been for bowfishing, waterfowl, turkey, geese and predators. Also several firearms.

How to help if you would like to.                                                If you are a veteran that falls under one 

  Direct donations can go through                                          these and would like to apply for a chance

 Pay Pal                                               to go on a hunt. Email Jason @

 Venmo    @Jason-Barbknecht                                          

Some of the previous winners of the hunts giving away to help fund the veteran hunts.

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